Introducing FXDD Swordfish

Welcome to FXDD Swordfish, which is designed for newcomers, active traders and professional forex traders.

FXDD Swordfish is a powerful forex software program designed for people just like you - traders who want the latest in technology and usability to trade the $3.2 trillion daily forex market. You will find that FXDD Swordfish offers you the features and benefits to meet every trading style - especially yours.

FXDD Swordfish

Highly Customizable Interface

With a highly customizable interface, including undocking and docking features, FXDD Swordfish puts the user in control of where and how to view their information

Advanced Charting
Advanced charting allows users to take advantage of everything a chart has to offer…plus more.

On chart trading allows users to place trades without leaving the chart. Want to place a market order? Just right click to buy or sell. Want to place a pending order? Right click where you want to enter. It's that simple.

Indicators, averages, and charting tools allow users to track trends and predict future moves in a clear and visually pleasing manner. All colors in all charts can be easily changed, saved, and applied to any other charts.

Advanced Charting

The Quote Panel
The advanced quote panel provides you with a single interface to quickly view all necessary information. With 1-click trading enabled, you can place a buy or sell order with a simple click of the button.

Display any currency pairs you need to watch, customize your lot sizes per currency pair, and easily switch between currency pairs, open order tickets, and view charts.

Other key features include:

  • + Color customization / skins
  • + Position based trading system
  • + Up to the minute news and blogs
  • + Community feature with live chatting

Coming soon:

  • + Algorithmic trading advisers
  • + Streaming audio and video blogs
Complete your order with a single click with confirmation, or right-click on the display box to place an advanced order, or quickly open a corresponding chart for a currency pair.

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FXDD Swordfish is a Java based web launch. To ensure that the platform runs properly be sure that you have the latest Java Runtime Environment on your computer.

Our quickstart guide will provide a quick primer on the platform and how to perform basic tasks. Also view our tutorial videos for a step by step visual tour of the platform and how to use it.

Please note: The FXDD Swordfish application, quickstart guide and help manuals are still changing. Some images may vary from actual interface. All content subject to change.